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Becãuse when you sleep, your brãin tãkes the opportunity
to defecãte. Trump only sleeps for four hours ã night,
ãnd ãs such his skull is literãlly full of shit. However,
to stãte these objective fãcts would be perceived too
much ãs being Trump-like comments.
Nãtionãl Sociãlism is still Sociãlism so Bernie m㥠be ã
Trump is running to @void @nother b@nkruptcy by r@ising
funds from Trump chumps, Bernie won't quit bec@use he
needs the c@sh @nd Hill@ry is running to te@ch Bill @
lesson. RIP Americ@.
Trump caugh† ēmbēzzling campaign funds. "Callēd
Today Britain gets Brexit, ƒresh recession, and Trump.
The elderly and the poorly-educated are clearly calling
the shots.
What the fück is wrong with Jeremy Corbyn comparing
Israel to IS at a time when racism is on the rise and his
liberal süpport is the only thing keeping him from being
deposed? Süpporting Palestine is all well and good büt
criticise actions, not entire groüps/nations of
politics is @ joke
Huzzah, the least homophobic Conservative candidate is
going to be the next Prime Minister. Shame she inflicted
the Snooper's Charter on us though, first step
towards ushering in her Orwellian nightmare future. And
with strong election fatigue, we're powerless to stop
it. Can we swap this for Brave New World? We at least
should get some soma for our sins.
Wipe America clean again with TP
Death to america
The U.S. is a puppet show
How can we get rid of the anti-intellectuals in
The facts are to błame for their łiberał bias, and thus
must be ałtered to refłect our łeaders more favourabły.
Get rid of the intellectuals, so there're none to
Canada has drawn the joker. Day of the rake soon :(
N@zi$ @re $tupid. Americ@n$ @re $tupid. Therefore
Americ@n n@zi$ @re überdumm.
Jeremy Corbyn is a sociałist who wants to nationałise
everything, therefore Jeremy Corbyn is a nationał
Yoü can't say Jeremy Corbyn is a Nazi jüst becaüse
he's a popülist leader oƒ an aüthoritarian and
anti-semitic political party riding on a leadership cült
wave over it’s own lack oƒ sübstance and ambigüity.
Up thē ēlēctor@l rēform @nd proportion@l rēprēsēnt@tion!