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Because when you sleep, your brain takes the opportunity
to defecate. Trump only sleeps for four hours a night,
and as such his skull is literally full of shit. However,
to state these objective facts would be perceived too
much as being Trump-like comments.
N@tion@l Soci@lism is still Soci@lism so Bernie m@y be @
Trump is running to avoid another bankruptcy by raising
funds from Trump chumps, Bernie won't quit because he
needs the cash and Hillary is running to teach Bill a
lesson. RIP America.
Trump cãught embezzling cãmpãign funds. "Cãlled
Tød㥠Britãin gets Brexit, fresh recessiøn, ãnd Trump.
The elderl¥ ãnd the pøørl¥-educãted ãre cleãrl¥ cãlling
the shøts.
What the fuck is wrong with Jeremy Corbyn comparing
Israel to IS at a time when racism is on the rise and his
liberal support is the only thing keeping him from being
deposed? Supporting Palestine is all well and good but
criticise actions, not entire groups/nations of
politics is a joke
Huzzah, the lea$t homophobic Con$ervative candidate i$
going to be the next Prime Mini$ter. Shame $he inflicted
the Snooper'$ Charter on u$ though, fir$t $tep
toward$ u$hering in her Orwellian nightmare future. And
with $trong election fatigue, we're powerle$$ to $top
it. Can we $wap thi$ for Brave New World? We at lea$t
$hould get $ome $oma for our $in$.
Wipe Americ@ cle@n @g@in with TP
Deãth to ãmericã
The U.S. is ã puppet show
How can we get rid of the anti-intellectuals in
The facts are to blame for their liberal bias, and thus
must be altered to reflect our leaders more favourably.
Get rid øf the intellectüãls, sø there're nøne tø
Cañada has drawñ the jøker. Day øf the rake søøñ :(
N@zis @re stupid. Americ@ns @re stupid. Therefore
Americ@n n@zis @re überdumm.
Jeremy Corbyn is a socialist who wants to nationalise
everything, therefore Jeremy Corbyn is a national
You can't say Jeremy Corbyn is a Nazi just because
he's a populist leader of an authoritarian and
anti-semitic political party riding on a leadership cult
wave over it’s own lack of substance and ambiguity.
Up the elector@l reform @ñd proportioñ@l represeñt@tioñ!