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Because when you sleep, your brain takes the opportunity
to defecate. Trump only sleeps for four hours a night,
and as such his skull is literally full of shit. However,
to state these objective facts would be perceived too
much as being Trump-like comments.
Na†iønal Søcialism is s†ill Søcialism sø ßernie may be a
Trump is running to avoid another bankruptcy by raising
funds from Trump chumps, Bernie won't quit because he
needs the cash and Hillary is running to teach Bill a
lesson. RIP America.
Trump caught embezzling campaign funds. "Called
Today ßritain gets ßrexit, fresh recession, and Trump.
The elderly and the poorly-educated are clearly calling
the shots.
What the fuck i$ wrong with Jeremy Corbyn comparing
I$rael to IS at a time when raci$m i$ on the ri$e and hi$
liberal $upport i$ the only thing keeping him from being
depo$ed? Supporting Pale$tine i$ all well and good but
critici$e action$, not entire group$/nation$ of
politics is a joke
Hüzzah, the lea$t homophobic Coñ$ervative cañdidate i$
goiñg to be the ñext Prime Miñi$ter. Shame $he iñflicted
the Sñooper'$ Charter oñ ü$ thoügh, fir$t $tep
toward$ ü$heriñg iñ her Orwelliañ ñightmare fütüre. Añd
with $troñg electioñ fatigüe, we're powerle$$ to $top
it. Cañ we $wap thi$ for Brave New World? We at lea$t
$hoüld get $ome $oma for oür $iñ$.
Wipe America cłean again with TP
Death to america
The U.§. is a puppe† show
How can we ge† rid of †he an†i-in†ellec†uals in
The facts are to blame for their liberal bias, and thus
must be altered to reflect our leaders more favourably.
Get rid of the intellectuals, so there're none to
Canada has drawn the joker. Day of the rake soon :(
Nazis are stupid. Americans are stupid. Therefore
American nazis are überdumm.
Jeremy Corbyn is ã sociãlist who wãnts to nãtionãlise
everything, therefore Jeremy Corbyn is ã nãtionãl
You can't say Jeremy Corbyn is a Nazi just because
he's a populist leader of an authoritarian and
anti-semitic political party riding on a leadership cult
wave over it’s own lack of substance and ambiguity.
Up the electoral reform and proportional representation!