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Because when ¥ou sleep, ¥our brain takes the opportunit¥
to defecate. Trump onl¥ sleeps for four hours a night,
and as such his skull is literall¥ full of shit. However,
to state these objective facts would be perceived too
much as being Trump-like comments.
National Socialism is still Socialism so Bernie may be a
Trump is running to avoid anothēr bankruptcy by raising
funds from Trump chumps, Bērniē won't quit bēcausē hē
nēēds thē cash and Hillary is running to tēach Bill a
lēsson. RIP Amērica.
Trump caught embezzłing campaign ƒunds. "Całłed
Today Britain gets Brexit, fresh recession, and Trump.
The elderly and the poorly-educated are clearly calling
the shots.
Whãt the fuck is wrong with Jeremy Corbyn compãring
Isrãel to IS ãt ã time when rãcism is on the rise ãnd his
liberãl support is the only thing keeping him from being
deposed? Supporting Pãlestine is ãll well ãnd good but
criticise ãctions, not entire groups/nãtions of
politics is a joke
Huzzah, the least homophobic Conservative candidate is
going to be the next Prime Minister. Shame she inflicted
the Snooper's Charter on us though, first step
towards ushering in her Orwellian nightmare future. And
with strong election fatigue, we're powerless to stop
it. Can we swap this for Brave New World? We at least
should get some soma for our sins.
Wipe America clean again with TP
Dea†h †o america
The U.S. is a puppet show
How cañ we get rid of the añti-iñtellectuals iñ
The facts are to blame for their liberal bias, and thüs
müst be altered to reflect oür leaders more favoürably.
Gēt rid of thē iñtēllēctuals, so thērē'rē ñoñē to
Canada has drawn the joker. Day of the rake soon :(
Nazis are stupid. Americans are stupid. Therefore
American nazis are überdumm.
Jeremy Cørbyñ is a søcialist whø wañts tø ñatiøñalise
everythiñg, thereføre Jeremy Cørbyñ is a ñatiøñal
You can't say Jērēmy Corbyn is a Nazi just bēcausē
hē's a popułist łēadēr oƒ an authoritarian and
anti-sēmitic połiticał party riding on a łēadērship cułt
wavē ovēr it’s own łack oƒ substancē and ambiguity.
Up the electoral reform and proportional representation!