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You will all burn in hell
You will burn in the crematorium
you may be mulched
I am plagued by the rogue boatmen who yet approach my
boat with their bag of bombs
I trapped god iñ the machiñe. It’s beeñ three weeks
ñow, añd he’s still askiñg me to let him out but I
woñ’t. The scratchiñg of god’s fiñgerñails agaiñst
the iñside of the machiñe casiñg provides a soothiñg sort
of white ñoise without which I fiñd it ñear impossible to
sleep. After the first week I figured out a vacuum bag
system for collectiñg god’s droppiñgs añd drippiñgs añd
spittiñgs. He seems much calmer ñow.
is this ãsylum?
The kind of as¥lum that's locked from the inside
4:20 Pastafarian
pastafarians are full of balone¥
You're thinking of bolognese, and I'll have you
know that's a crucial component of the anamnesis
In the beginning Tim Berners-Lee created the protocol and
the wired. And the wired was formless and empty, darkness
was over the surface of the deep net, and the spirit of
Tim Berners-Lee was hovering over the protocol. Tim saw
that the protocol was good, and he separated the public
networks from the private. And the ISPs said “Let there
be light”, and there was fibre optics, and all the
serpents of the world were set loose on the wired.
Tim Burners-Lee saw that all flesh on the wired become
corrupt and lawless, and he smiled as global warming
caused the ice caps to melt and the networks to be washed
away by rising sea levels.
I woüldn't have thoüght him to be süch a
don't think. believe.
dogma is mans’ best friend
God is de@d @s religion would not evolve
Am i alonē in this world?
ver¥ bad good ver¥
LO§ Invictüs!
iñb4 multched