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Words arē woñdērƒül, büt so is thēir absēñcē.
Words aren't wonderful. Statistically, 100% of fights
are caused by words.
so true, it's not like it's genetics, survival
instinct, mating rights or other gain ever started a
Anim@ls don't h@vē words.
humans are also animals
Man is a rope, ƒastened between animal and Übermensch
– a rope over an abyss
Ah, Nietzsche, if onl¥ ¥our work hadn't been
manipulated for profit and political gain. Context is
important. I interpret the Übermensch as being the¥ who
raise themselves above their genetic imperatives,
what's ¥our interpretation mebio?
Nietzsche definitly had søme eugenic ideas, but the
Übermensch has alsø an ethical cømpøund. He døes nøt
følløw the møral øf the weak and the slave but has the
mørals øf the masters and creates his øwn values.
Still it woüldn't be nice to sacrifice the weak
hümans to fülfill oür deepest desires. Or woüld it?
It might ƒeel good, but it would still leãve you menschy,
not uber cool.
Did he believe in enforced eugenics, or did his sis☨er
edi☨ i☨ ☨o seem ☨ha☨ way?
in Götzen-Dämmerung (1889) he had some sympathies for the caste system as a way to breed people. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tschandala#Nietzsche.27s_use_of_the_term
Døñ't beñd. Asceñd!
Is that why nazis usēd thē swastika? In a way that's
what wē gøt. Additiønal incrēmēnts in class structurē..
Eithēr that ør thē tiērs øƒ thē middlē classēs rēplacēd
thē clērgy.
Hypergamy is a reality.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manusm%E1%B9%9Bti#Modern_reception_and_Criticism explains better that Nietzsche did not favour the oppression of the outcastes
so only 'positive eugenics' (Supporting the
reproduction of People with good genetics.)
Nø, Nietzsche was a nihilist and critic, whø did nøt seek
tø prøpagate any ørganised belieƒ structure, merely
acknøwledged the ƒlaws øƒ the system he/we live in. That
we are all tøø human tø cønsider the Übermensch tø have
yet cøme tø be.
in the three metamørphøses øf the spirit (camel, liøn and
child) the nihilistic liøn is ønl¥ the secønd stage. he
destrø¥s the øld values, but the child is building new
ønes. Ever¥ Law øf the humans wøuld be wrøng før the
Übermensch, but human laws can help tø create him.
^Prēcisēly. Wē arē forcēd to crēatē thēsē laws but must
acknowlēdgē thēm as bēing thē rēsult of impērfēct
humanity. I likē you.