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Words are wonderfül, büt so is their absence.
Word$ aren't wonderful. Stati$tically, 100% of fight$
are cau$ed by word$.
sø true, it's nøt like it's genetics, survival
instinct, mating rights ør øther gain ever started a
Animals don't have words.
hümans are also animals
Mãn is ã rope, fãstened between ãnimãl ãnd Übermensch
– ã rope over ãn ãb¥ss
Ah, Nietzsche, if only your work hadn't been
manipulated for profit and political gain. Context is
important. į interpret the Übermensch as being they who
raise themselves above their genetic imperatives,
what's your interpretation mebio?
Nietzsche definitly had some eugenic ideas, but the
Übermensch has also an ethical compound. He does not
follow the moral of the weak and the slave but has the
morals of the masters and creates his own values.
Stiłł it woułdn't bē nicē to s@crificē thē wē@k
hum@ns to fułfiłł our dēēpēst dēsirēs. Or woułd it?
įt might feeł good, büt it woüłd stiłł łe@ve yoü menschy,
not über cooł.
Did hē bēliēvē in ēnforcēd ēugēnics, or did his sistēr
ēdit it to sēēm that way?
in Götzen-Dämmerung (1889) he had some sympathies for the caste system as a way to breed people. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tschandala#Nietzsche.27s_use_of_the_term
Don't bend. Ascend!
Is thãt why nãzis used the swãstikã? In ã wãy thãt's
whãt we got. Additionãl increments in clãss structure..
Either thãt or the tiers oƒ the middle clãsses replãced
the clergy.
Hypergamy is a reality.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manusm%E1%B9%9Bti#Modern_reception_and_Criticism explains better that Nietzsche did not favour the oppression of the outcastes
so oñly 'positive eugeñics' (Supportiñg the
reproductioñ of People with good geñetics.)
No, Nietzsche w@s @ nihiłist @nd critic, who did not seek
to prop@g@te @ny org@nised bełief structure, mereły
@cknowłedged the fł@ws of the system he/we łive in. Th@t
we @re @łł too hum@n to consider the Übermensch to h@ve
yet come to be.
in the three met@morphoses of the spirit (c@mel, lion @nd
child) the nihilistic lion is onl¥ the second st@ge. he
destro¥s the old v@lues, but the child is building new
ones. Ever¥ L@w of the hum@ns would be wrong for the
Übermensch, but hum@n l@ws c@n help to cre@te him.
^Precisely. We are forced to create these laws but must
ackñowledge them as beiñg the result of imperfect
humañity. I like you.