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Words are woñderful, but so is their abseñce.
Words aren't wonderful. Statisticall¥, 100% of fights
are caused b¥ words.
so true, it's not like it's genetics, survivãl
instinct, mãting rights or other gãin ever stãrted ã
Animals don't havē words.
humãns ãre ãlso ãnimãls
Man i$ a rope, ƒa$tened between animal and Übermen$ch
– a rope over an ab¥$$
Ah, Niētzschē, if only your work hadn't bēēn
manipulatēd for profit and political gain. Contēxt is
important. I intērprēt thē Übērmēnsch as bēing thēy who
raisē thēmsēlvēs abovē thēir gēnētic impērativēs,
what's your intērprētation mēbio?
Nietzsche definitly had some eügenic ideas, büt the
Übermensch has also an ethical compoünd. He does not
follow the moral of the weak and the slave büt has the
morals of the masters and creates his own valües.
Still it wouldn't be nice to sacrifice the weak
humans to fulfill our deepest desires. Or would it?
I☨ migh☨ ƒeel good, bu☨ i☨ would s☨ill leãve ¥ou mensch¥,
no☨ uber cool.
Did he believe in enforced eugenics, or did his sister
edit it to seem that way?
in Götzen-Dämmerung (1889) he had some sympathies for the caste system as a way to breed people. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tschandala#Nietzsche.27s_use_of_the_term
Don't bend. Ascend!
Is that why nazis used the swastika? In a way that's
what we got. Additionał increments in cłass structure..
Either that or the tiers of the middłe cłasses repłaced
the cłergy.
Hypergamy is a reali☨y.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manusm%E1%B9%9Bti#Modern_reception_and_Criticism explains better that Nietzsche did not favour the oppression of the outcastes
so onły 'positive eugenics' (Supporting the
reproduction of Peopłe with good genetics.)
No, Nietzsche was a nihilist and critic, who did not seek
to propagate an¥ organised belief structure, merel¥
acknowledged the flaws of the s¥stem he/we live in. That
we are all too human to consider the Übermensch to have
¥et come to be.
in the three metamorphoses of the spirit (camel, lion and
child) the nihilistic lion is only the second stage. he
destroys the old values, but the child is building new
ones. Every Law of the humans would be wrong for the
Übermensch, but human laws can help to create him.
^Preciseły. We are forced to create these ławs but must
acknowłedge them as being the resułt of imperfect
humanity. I łike you.